What’s the path of annularity for this year’s annular solar eclipse?

 Annular solar eclipse of 2024 to appear in parts of Hawaii, Chile, and Argentina. — Jaxa/Nasa

Earthlings are expecting an annular solar eclipse will occur on October 2 this year as predicted by astronomy experts, according to Space.

This is when the moon’s central shadow will not completely reach Earth, resulting in a “ring of fire” visible to those in a broad path of annularity, which in this case includes south of Hawaii in the North Pacific Ocean and north of South Georgia in the South Atlantic Ocean.

However, despite a vast 14,163km journey over the oceans, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and southern parts of Chile and Argentina in South America are the only areas on land within the path of annularity.

Path of annularity in Easter Island

The annular solar eclipse will last for six minutes and 26 seconds at Orongo, the most southerly point in Rapa Nui.

Meanwhile, it will be visible for five minutes and 59 seconds at the island’s most northerly point, Ana o Heu.

Path of annularity in South America

The majority of the annularity path will include parts of Chile and Argentina, specifically.

These areas include Chile’s Carretera Austral in rural Patagonia’s Aisén region and Cochrane, which are the ideal locations. Additionally, Chile Chico, which is just outside the northern limit, is also a good option.

In Argentina, the best places to watch the eclipse from include Perito Moreno National Park and Santa Cruz Province Puerto Deseado, and Puerto San Julián on Argentinean Patagonia’s Atlantic coast. 

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